A New Generation of Conservative Thought


U.S.  Library of Congress The Edmund Burke Institute hosts events in Washington D.C. We have policy breakfasts and dinners, conferences and symposiums for each of the six programs listed below. Also, at the end of the year we host The Edmund Burke Annual Conference. This weekend conference in the nation's capital contains panels on each of these topics.

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New Feminism

This program is designed to show how conservative principles affirm the fundamental rights, values and liberties of women; there is no contradiction between conservatism and feminism. We want to help women achieve equality in the workplace, play a greater role in the nation's political life, and remove any remaining barriers hindering their potential. We also envision a distinct role for women in public affairs that fulfils their feminine nature: we encourage females to protect the rights and needs of children, to celebrate motherhood, to be solicitous for families and to act as the primary guardians of female dignity. Thus, the new feminist conservatism is the highest expression of female liberty: we embrace the full range of possibilities for today's women while welcoming them, fully and completely, in all their unique expressions of womanhood.

African Americans and Traditional Values

We seek to place the issues dear to African Americans at the forefront of political debate. This program will find solutions that are based on empowerment, independence and entrepreneurship. We celebrate the history and culture of African Americans and affirm their contributions to American society. Furthermore, the program recognizes that there are still racist elements in American society that must be crushed. Hence, we will be vigilant in defending African Americans from injustice and inequality. Also, we will forge an alliance with African American traditionalists who want to build healthy families and educate young men and women to be shining examples of integrity. Our program seeks to bring the needs of African Americans to the foreground of political debate while recognizing that America will benefit from the reinvigorating moral and intellectual energy that throbs mightily in minority communities.

Hispanics and the Conservative Movement

We will integrate Hispanics within the conservative movement. There are millions of diligent and talented Hispanics in America who have a Christian heritage, hold dear to traditions which exalt the family and the community, and who are determined to improve their economic standing. These traits render them natural allies of conservatives. Our program will highlight the specific concerns of Hispanics regarding immigration, achieving greater social mobility and entrance into the highest echelons of power. Moreover, Hispanics will finally feel welcome in a movement that empowers them to achieve their goals while also celebrates their cultural contributions to American society.

The American Dream for Minorities

We are committed to giving minorities the tools they need to achieve the American Dream--that is, prosperity for every family. We believe that the best way out of poverty is through self-help; thus, we seek solutions that do not foster government dependency. This program is designed to encourage minorities to build capital and to develop their own businesses. We also want to encourage more minorities to be homeowners. The program will probe local conditions to ensure that neighborhoods are conducive to the growth of independent spheres of wealth. We are also eager to examine how trade policies, such as free trade, and the global market affect minority employment and wealth-creation opportunities.The program will highlight those minority entrepreneurs who are successful in building capital and becoming financially independent. We will essentially analyze issues related to the economic empowerment of minorities and promote solutions based on our regard for limited government and free enterprise.

Culture of Life

This program seeks to build an alliance with individuals of all faiths in order to combat assaults on human dignity. We want to unite those who believe in the existence of a divine, natural moral order; we want the laws of our society to be inspired by this transcendental vision of humanity. We are especially eager to protect and exalt the beauty of life in all its forms: the unborn, the ill and helpless, and the very old. Furthermore, the program aims to raise cultural standards--especially, by fostering the growth of media and art that transmit a message of love and wholesome living to the young.

America in the World

We maintain that America's foreign policy ought to be based on protecting the national interest of the United States while also being respectful of the rights, liberty and dignity of peoples all over the world. This entails accepting America's global responsibilities and working multilaterally whenever possible, but unilaterally if necessary. We reject the pacifist approach to foreign affairs and believe that often the surest way to peace is through strength of arms. We will explore American foreign policy in the Middle East and Europe while also bringing particular attention to American policies vis a vis Latin America, Africa and Asia. This program seeks to assemble the greatest writers and thinkers on contemporary foreign affairs in order to address both the U.S's most pressing foreign policy concerns as well as the diasporic interests and sympathies of America's minority population.